The U-Nah-Li-Ya Family

Year Round Staff 

Max - Executive Director of Camping Services 

Years at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 4 Years 

Hey there! I have been serving the YMCA Camping Community for over 15 years. Getting my start as a camper at YMCA Camp Jackson in Colorado, I developed a deep appreciation for the wilderness experience and camaraderie that camp provided me. I have a Bachelor's Degree in History and Political Science and a Master's Degree in business administration. I have always believed that relationships play a key role in a camper's experience and that resilience is built through challenging, safe, engaging programming. I live at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya year-round with my wife and 2 young children, we can all be caught at our various family program weekends. My favorite thing about camp is that it provides kids with the opportunity to engage in outdoor wilderness experiences. 

Jordan - Director of Program Development and Marketing 

Years at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 2 Years

I have been working in YMCA Camping for 5 years. In that time I have gained experience as a camper, counselor, assistant director, and now, Program and Marketing Director. These experiences have been the most impactful and formative of my life. I have a achelor's Degree in Elementary Education that lends itself well to developing programming for camp and working closely with kids and families. As the Director of Program Development and Marketing at U-Nah-Li-Ya I ensure that every camper and guest has the opportunity to grow and gain just as much from camp as I have and continue to. My favorite thing about camp is that it's one of the few places in the world where people of all ages can come and enjoy being accepted for exactly who they are. 

Kathy - Office Manager

Years at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 4 Years

I began my career working in education where I gained a wide variety of experience in organizational management and human resources. My two children grew up attending camp and I was able to watch them grow and flourish with each experience. During my time at U-Nah-Li-Ya I have been able to use my work experience to provide resources that support camp in achieving its mission of "Improving the World through Improving People" and allowing every kid to get the camp experience they deserve. My favorite part of camp is coming in every morning and seeing all of the kids smiling and happy. 

Doreen - Food Service Manager

Years at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 6

John A. - Property Manager

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 5 Years 

I have been a carpenter for most of my life. I enjoy working in nature and making improvements to camps facilities that support each camper in feeling at home away from home. My favorite thing about camp is that there are always kids laughing and playing in the distance. 

Ellyse - Outdoor Education Director

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 4 Years

Outdoor Education Staff 

John S. - Outdoor Education Instructor / Summer Trail Department Director

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 3 Years

Hello!  I have been part of the Unie team since 2014, as an Adventure Trips counselor.  I fell in love with camp and decided that I wanted to call it home! Since then, I have become the summer Adventure Trips Director, as well as part of the Outdoor Environmental Education team.  I grew up loving Northeast Wisconsin, and I take pride in showing our visitors the beauty of the outdoors.  An organization is only as good as the people within it, and I am very proud to be part of the Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya team.  I have a background in public safety, but working at camp has been exponentially more rewarding.  We get to make a difference in peoples’ lives every day, and that’s why I love this job. 

Trish - Outdoor Education Instructor

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 20 Years

Casey - Outdoor Education Instructor 

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 10 Years 

Devon - Outdoor Education Instructor

Time at U-Nah-Li-Ya: 1 Year

Hi All! My sweet pup Wallace and I moved here from Colorado and joined the U-Nah-Li-Ya family in September. Having been a camp counselor for four years and an Organismal Biology and Ecology major at Colorado College, teaching Outdoor Education here at Unie is the perfect way for me to combine my skills! I love sharing my knowledge and passion for the outdoors and the environment with the students that visit us here at camp. I believe that getting children outside to unplug and explore nature is one of the most important and formative experiences a child can have and I am always excited to be part of that experience for the students that come visit us at U-Nah-Li-Ya!

Summer Staff 

2019 Staff is Being Announced as we Hire in the Coming Months

Ben Wittig

WHO’S READY FOR POLAR BEAR?!? You know I am! Benji here, returning for expedition number two on staff here at Unie! This summer I will be the Specialty Area Director for Adventure and Sports, and you bet every day will be an adventure. I have been coming to camp since I was 9, and I hope to help you all love this place as much as I do. At camp, you’ll find me running around playing camp game or working on my next lanyard masterpiece (and if you can’t find me, you probably can still hear me). I cannot wait to share the summer with all the incredible campers at the Looney Unie!

Clara Reynolds 

Heyo! You know I’m back and readier than ever for round two! This will be my second year here on the Unie Summer Staff and my SIXTH summer here in general! I’m so excited to be back in the land of the white pines where you can probably find me singing, songwriting, or crying about how much I love my wonderful campers and coworkers. I can’t wait to see all my old campies, meet all my new ones, and enjoy another summer here out on the loose!




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