Family Programs


Every program is specifically designed to help our campers immerse themselves in nature and build community. The natural part of what we do is easy to understand, but building community is sometimes hard to grasp. Let us give you an example:

Camp is growing and so are our facilities. As we grow it would be easy to forget about our commitment to build community, but instead it is at the forefront of every design... from the bunk layout to fireplace locations and table types. 

We recently rennovated the dining hall and Ken, our Executive Director, made it a priority to expand the main hall in order to fit more round tables. Why round? You got it - because they build community! Sure, if we chose rectangular tables we could save space, fit in more people, and still feed the masses, but that would feel like a cafeteria. Here we serve family style meals at a round table to welcome conversations that last a lifetime.

 If there is a question we do not answer, please contact us. We are here to help you!

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