Camp at Home

Welcome U-Nah-Li-Ya and Wabansi Family! 

We here at Camp are sending you all so much love during this unique time. The current circumstances are imposing big changes to our daily lives and jobs. We are choosing to look at it as an opportunity to find new ways to serve our community. 

As always we are focused on our purpose and goals.

Purpose: To Improve the World Through Improving People

Goals: Environmental Awareness, Compassion, Leadership, and Resilience

In an effort to serve, we have built this page of resources for you to use during time at home with the children and teens in your life. We hope you find some fun and positive inspiration here. Please contact us with any questions! 

Camp Gratitude Challenge 

There are so many people working very hard right now to help us all during this time. Many of them must continue to work so that society can function. We are challenging YOU to pause and think about all of those people all over the world who deserve a BIG thank you for all they are doing to help. Our hope is that the world will be flooded with thank you's and positivity and that those who are working so hard to protect us all can feel our love and appreciation.  

1. think of a person or group of people to thank

2. write a thank you note or draw a picture

3. Take a picture of your note and post it on facebook or instagram. Use #perserverewithpositivity and #campgratitudechallenge

Ideas for who to thank: 

  • nurses, doctors, all medical personnel for taking care of us and providing testing
  • scientists for providing us with information and working on a vaccine 
  • grocery store employees for making it possible for us to get food and supplies
  • UPS, USPS, FedEx employees for delivering the things we need 
  • Teachers, Professors, school staff for providing ways for kids to learn online or at home
  • Businesses that are providing help to the community (Example: Galleghers Pizza for serving pick up sack lunches for kids daily) 
  • Spiritual leaders or churches who are offering help, resources, or guidance
  • Governers, Mayors, Senators, law makers for making big decisions to keep us safe and healthy
  • Childcare employees for supporting families who must continue to work 
  • Food and supply production employees for producing the things we need (like toilet paper and soap)
  • Waste management professionals for keeping our neighborhoods and cities clean

Facebook Live Events 

  • Classic U-Nah-Li-Ya Campfire with the Counselors on Saturday, April 4th at 7:00PM Central Time 

Design a Camp Tee Shirt - Win 25% off ANY Camp Program 

Put your artistic skills to work and join our camp tee shirt design contest while at home, click here for instructions. You could win a week of camp! 

Write a Camp Essay - Win a Camp Store Swag Bag

We are opening up our Green Bay Area Public Schools Essay Contest to the public since students will be learning from home in the coming weeks. Write an essay responding to the prompt for your grade (3rd, 4th, or 5th) and email it to us at We will select a winner for each grade level to win a swag bag from YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya by April 15th. Parents - the prompts have the current grade level standards attached so that you can assist your child with their writing.  

Camp at Home Activities:

Virtual Activities with Camp Staff:

Campfire Bedtime Stories with Counselors - Coming Soon!

  • Walter the Farting Dog by Glenn Murray : Read by Max
  • Thelma the Unicorn by Aaron Blabey : Read by Jordan 
  • My Rotten Red Headed Older Brother by Patricia Polaco : Read by Jack 

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