Outdoor Leadership

~Program Vision~

To instill and enhance personal growth, group cohesion, and leadership development through adventure and experiential activities in a wilderness environment. 

Outdoor Leadership Program at a glance. . .

Whether it is an 8th grade trip celebrating their accomplishments, a high school basketball team seeking cohesion, a peer group developing  group trust, or a group of teachers searching for conflict resolution – this dynamic program serves youth and adult groups through adventure and experiential workshops and has benefits for everyone!

Designed with the goals of your group, our staff will customize an exciting leadership training that is tailored to your group.  This may include our high ropes course amongst the beautiful pine trees of the Nicolet National Forest or the low ropes course focusing on group cohesion, problem solving, and leadership. Or perhaps your group would like to conquer Camp’s forty foot climbing and rappelling tower? Our adventure-based sessions are complemented by our experiential workshops such as Leadership In Action, Diversity & Awareness, or Group & Character Development.  Outdoor experiential activities presented by supportive, knowledgeable, and trained staff are beneficial to group and individual growth by building bridges for your team, self-esteem, self-confidence, leadership, communication skills and so much more. 



  1. Nurture Leadership
  2. Teach Social Skills
  3. Develop Team Cohesion
  4. Transcend Fears
  5. Cultivate Resilience and Creativity
  6. Teach Appropriate Risk Taking
  7. Promote Effective Communication
  8. Reorganize Social Structures to Create Positive Interactions
  9. Provide True Play
  10. Establish Strong Listening Skills

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  • Leadership In Action
  • Cultural Awareness and Diversity 
  • Character & Group Development 
  • Teams Initiatives 
  • Low Ropes Course
  • Climbing Tower
  • High Ropes Course

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Choose our 1 to 3 day program and we will provide:

  • Classes Of Your Choice
  • All-You-Can-Eat Homecooked Meals
  • Fours Season Lodging
  • Evening Program 
  • Recreational Activities

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Outdoor Education Pricing Guide

2017-2018 School Year


 Groups with programmin (no meals included)

Day group

$25.00/Person ($375.00 Minimum)

1 Night, 2 Day

$45.00/Person ($675.00 Minimum)

2 Night, 3 Day

$70.00/Person ($1,050.00 Minimum)


Groups with meals and programming included

Day Group with 1 Meal

$35.00/Person ($525.00 Minimum)

Day Group with 2 Meals

$45.00/Person ($675.00 Minimum)

1 Night with 1-3 Meals 

$74.00/Person ($1,110.00 Minimum)

1 Night with 4 Meals

$85.00/Person ($1,275.00 Minimum)

2 Nights with 1-3 Meals

$95.00/Person ($1,425.00 Minimum)

2 Nights with 4-7 Meals

$100.00/Person ($1,500.00 Minimum)

Add High Ropes to any program group

Additional $10.00/person

aditinal Meal to an existing meal plan



Adult Rates

School Staff = Free

Parent Chaperones = 50% of Student Fee

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