Outdoor Environmental Education

The Outdoor Environmental Education Program is designed for students ranging from 4th to 8th grade, however the program can be altered to accommodate other groups if interested. Through hands-on educational sessions, cooperative exercises, and recreational activities, we strive to develop an understanding in students of their connections with each other and the environment AND MORE!

One of the cornerstones of the Environmental Education Program is our focus on learning being fun, interactive, and challenging. Classes cover many topics including Orienteering, Water Studies, Eco-Studies, Canoeing, Rock Climbing, and Cross-Country Skiing, to name a few. To continue the learning and fun, we also offer evening programing with activities including Capture-the-Flag, Night Hikes, Folk Dances, Scavenger Hunts, and Campfires.  Our schedule also allows for important recreation time that fosters bonding and powerful memories they will talk about for years. 

OEE programs occur during fall, winter, and spring; therefore, each program is tailored to the season in which it occurs.


  1. Adaptive Leadership 
  2. Effective Social Interactions 
  3. Environmental Stewardship 
  4. Resilience 
  5. Creativity 
  6. Independence 
  7. Confidence 
  8. Positive Attitudes 
  9. True Play 
  10. Intentional Listening

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You will work with our Outdoor Education Director to hand pick your students' courses. To see class descriptions click HERE

  • Alpha – Beta
  • The Beast
  • Burma Bridge
  • Canoeing and Voyager History
  • Creative Drama
  • XC Skiing CSI: Tracking
  • Eco Encounters
  • From Roots To Leaves
  • Initiates & Team Building
  • Orienteering
  • Natural Senses
  • Outdoor Living Skills
  • Primitive Fishing
  • Predator – Prey
  • Snowshoeing
  • Water Water Everywhere
  • World Games

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Choose our 1 to 3 day program and we will provide:

  • Classes Of Your Choice
  • All-You-Can-Eat Home Cooked Meals
  • Four Season Lodging
  • Evening Programs
  • Recreational Activities

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Outdoor Education Pricing Guide

2017-2018 School Year


 Groups with programmin (no meals included)

Day group

$25.00/Person ($375.00 Minimum)

1 Night, 2 Day

$45.00/Person ($675.00 Minimum)

2 Night, 3 Day

$70.00/Person ($1,050.00 Minimum)


Groups with meals and programming included

Day Group with 1 Meal

$35.00/Person ($525.00 Minimum)

Day Group with 2 Meals

$45.00/Person ($675.00 Minimum)

1 Night with 1-3 Meals 

$74.00/Person ($1,110.00 Minimum)

1 Night with 4 Meals

$85.00/Person ($1,275.00 Minimum)

2 Nights with 1-3 Meals

$95.00/Person ($1,425.00 Minimum)

2 Nights with 4-7 Meals

$100.00/Person ($1,500.00 Minimum)

Add High Ropes to any program group

Additional $10.00/person

aditinal Meal to an existing meal plan



Adult Rates

School Staff = Free

Parent Chaperones = 50% of Student Fee

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