Six Day Overnight Resident Camp (Ages 8-14)

Our classic overnight camp experience, six-day overnight camp is full of traditions, activities, and adventure. Campers individually choose a specialty area of programming to focus on throughout the week.  In addition, every camper gets to choose special activities to try around camp during “choice time”. The rest of the day is spent building friendships with their cabin group, visiting the Camp Store and enjoying open recreation times. Evening activities include all-camp games like Capture the Flag, skits, s’mores around the campfire, and a tent camping experience on Wednesday night.

Camp Culture

The goal of YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya is to empower youth with the values of the YMCA through counselor relationships in the midst of exciting outdoor experiences.  The values we teach cross all faiths and backgrounds; we empower kids to be caring, accept responsibility, show respect to others, and be honest.

Our camp culture starts with well trained, loving, enthusiastic and dedicated staff. We are an ACA accredited camp. This endorsement assures our camp's procedures and protocols are regularly reviewed. This review includes our staff's vetting process and training process. 

The nice part is, we work above the standards. Each summer our counselors and managers go through over a week of training. These sessions include outdoor skills, activity planning, managing group dynamics, safety, training, and child development. They are ready and waiting for your camper to arrive. 

Specialty Areas

During the morning, resident overnight campers will spend their time receiving in-depth instruction in one of our six Specialty Areas.  When you register, please be sure to select your camper’s main interest and a secondary interest so that we can get your camper into the area of their choice.  We will do our very best to get campers assigned to their first selection, but Specialty Areas are assigned on a first come, first served basis.  We will occasionally have to place campers in their second choice to maintain quality of programming.  Campers will progress through program challenges and learn in-depth skills in their selected specialty area.

Upon registration campers select one of the following areas to specialize in:

Marksmanship – This area includes archery, riflery and slingshots. It starts with safety and basic techniques, then progresses to advanced techniques and competitions. We focus on the sport from a marksmanship perspective.

Watercraft – The area includes kayaking, canoeing, sailing, paddle boats, and paddleboards.  Campers learn the safety and skills needed to master the water!

Survival – This area focuses on mastering the forces of nature to survive and thrive in the great outdoors.  Campers learn skills in camp craft, fire building, fishing, food gathering, water purification and other survival techniques used by US Special Forces. 

Arts, Crafts and Drama – Campers discover the great Northwoods as well as make friendships while working on awesome art projects and practicing their creative drama skills.  This area combines nature education with hands on creative arts.

Adventure Sports – Campers in this specialty area will get a taste of outdoor adventure and excitement.  The week is spent learning rock climbing, biking, orienteering and lake kayaking. 

BTG! (Big Team Games) – Does your child love sports?  Each morning campers in sports will play big team games including; dodgeball, soccer, basketball, tennis, volleyball, baseball and disc golf.  

Sample Daily Schedule

7:15   Wake-Up Bell & Optional Polar Bear Swim

8:15   Breakfast

9:00   Thought for the Day - YMCA Character Value Activity

9:15   Cabin Clean Up

9:30   Specialty Areas

10:30 Program Area Session 2

11:30 Cabin H.U.G. Service Project

12:15 Lunch

1:15   Rest Hour

2:15  Cabin Group Activity Time

4:15  Open Recreation Time

5:15  Dinner

6:15 Open Recreation Time

7:30 Evening Activity: Camp Game or Campfire Program

9:00 Taps - Daily Reflections

9:15 Back to Cabins


Session Dates and Prices

2018 Weeks Available


Week 1: Staff Training | No Camp Sessions

Week 2: June 17-22   $50 Discount

Week 3: June 24-29 

Week 4: July 1-6 | No Camp Sessions

Week 5: July 8-13 | Medieval Week

Week 6: July 15-20 

Week 7: July 22-27 

Week 8: July 29 - Aug 3 

Week 9: Aug 5-10 

Week 10: Aug 12-17 


Weeks 2-10  Tiered Pricing

Tier A: $565

Tier B: $523

Tier C: $480


Week 2:  Additional $50 discount applies to all tiers.  Tier A: $515, Tier B: $473, Tier C: $430


Tiered Pricing

This pricing option is available to anyone. We offer three pricing levels to better accommodate all financial needs. Please consider selecting the highest tier that your family can afford to allow YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya to utilize this funding to ensure the quality of each camper's experience. The price you select does not impact your camper's experience in any way.

  • Tier A: Most accurately reflects the true and actual cost of camp.
  • Tier B: A partially subsidized rate, but more closely reflects the actual cost of camp.
  • Tier C: Our historically standard rate which does not represent the true cost of camp. This rate is subsidized by the YMCA through fundraising, special events, and contributions. 

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Aside 6 Day Sunset On Voyageur

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Aside 6 Day Two Awesome And Amazing Counselors

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