YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya Alumni Staff

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"I credit much of the joy and success in my life now to my time working as a U-Nah-Li-Ya staff member. As a counselor I learned to love myself in all of my forms and that being unafraid to be the silliest person in the room is powerful. The dearest friends in my life are those with whom I shared the adventures of impacting the lives of campers. I learned to work harder than I thought I ever could, and to grow from it along the way. I will never forget the deeply valuable lessons and the lifelong memories that U-Nah-Li-Ya gave me. I am forever thankful."

- 2012 Summer Counselor 

If you have landed on this page, it is because you aready know how special U-Nah-Li-Ya is. Camp is evolving and growing every year. However, the roots of Unie run deep and the magic is ever present. The current Unie staff is so thankful every day for the path that was paved by those before us. Every impact we make today, is made possible by the hard work of our Unie family members over the past 83 years. 

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