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Tiered Pricing & Financial Assistance

We understand that our camp families have differing abilities to pay, so we offer tiered pricing and financial assistance to help make it possible for any family to experience camp. We do not want finances to keep a child or a family from the opportunity to experience being a part of the Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya community. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information of financial assistance. 


Tiered Pricing

This pricing option is available to anyone. We offer three pricing levels to better accommodate all financial needs. Please consider selecting the highest tier that your family can afford to allow YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya to utilize this funding to ensure the quality of each camper's experience. The price you select does not impact your camper's experience in any way.
  • Tier A: Most accurately reflects the true and actual cost of camp.
  • Tier B: A partially subsidized rate, but more closely reflects the actual cost of camp.
  • Tier C: Our historically standard rate which does not represent the true cost of camp. This rate is subsidized by the YMCA through fundraising, special events, and contributions. 


Financial Assistance

This option is available for anyone to apply. We want to make sure we can help anyone who needs more assistance above and beyond our summer camp tiered pricing. Some kids even go to camp for free. We can also provide assistance for adults to attend our adult & family programs. It is all based on your current situation. 
We want to personally understand your family’s needs, so please contact us directly to find out more information. 


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