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EXCURSION TRIPS (ages 14-17)

Excursion Trips are for our oldest and most seasoned campers. These trips are tailored for campers ages 14-17 and have a variety of intensity levels. Our experienced staff act as guides; facilitating high adventure with an emphasis on leadership and teamwork. These camps are two weeks in duration and offer a unique opportunity for campers to engage the wilderness like never before. These camps are specialized adventure programs that fill up fast! You will want to register as early as possible to secure your spot.





For ages 15-17, twelve days and eleven nights in the backcountry of the Quetico Provincial Park. A unique U-Nah-Li-Ya trip that is seldom offered but highly revered. Campers will paddle into Canada from Minnesota and become fully immersed in this world-famous canoe destination.
Please note, along with registration, campers are required to independently obtain a Passport and Remote Area Border Crossing Permit. This process could take up to 1 month and must be completed before the trip date.  

"A trip to Quetico Provincial Park is the canoeing experience of a lifetime. More remote than the Boundaries Waters, you are even more likely to see wildlife and feel the peace and serenity of being in nature. After a few days without phones and screens, you return into alignment with the rhythm of the Earth, and receive the benefits of improved energy and mental health, not to mention improved physical vitality due to the exercise of paddling and portaging. Dream under some of the brightest stars and most beautiful skies in North America while the sounds of the woods lull you into deep and restful sleep. Your shared experiences and teamwork within your group cannot help but make you lifelong friends. The Quetico is the longer, more rigorous and natural next trip for campers who loved the time-honored Unie tradition of the Nor’Wester canoe trip. Quetico participants enjoy the rare privilege of leaving camp as respected voyagers, and returning as camp legends. You will never forget your time ‘on the loose’ in the wilds of Canada."

- Renata Maniaci, former Quetico Trip Leader ‘11

Registration closes March 31st, 2023.
WEEKS 2 - 4: June 18 - July 3
Tier A: $2,200 | Tier B: $2,100 | Tier C: $2,000
About Quetico Provincial Park

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For ages 15-17 This is a custom-built adventure designed to gradually acclimatize Midwestern campers to high altitude environments then push them to new heights in Colorado’s backcountry. Adventurers on this trip will summit peaks in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and celebrate their accomplishments with a white water trip in Buena Vista.
WEEKS 5-6: July 9-July 21
Tier A: $2,013 | Tier B: $1,862 | Tier C: $1,711






For ages 15-17 The quintessential trip of YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya. Nine days of paddling the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, deeply rooted and celebrated traditions, and lifelong bonds only begin to describe the experience this trip brings to campers. Family and friends are invited to honor them upon return at camp.
WEEKS 7-8: July 23-August 4
Tier A: $1,725 | Tier B: $1,596 | Tier C: $1,466






For ages 14-17 Campers will get to explore the famous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Grand Island on Lake Superior, Big Island Lake Wilderness, and cap it all off with a whitewater rafting trip down the Peshtigo River. Experienced campers will have a blast enjoying the constant adventure!
WEEKS 9-10: August 6-18
Tier A: $1,495 | Tier B: $1,383 | Tier C: $1,271