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EXCURSION TRIPS (ages 14-17)

Excursion Trips are for our oldest and most seasoned campers. These trips are tailored for campers ages 14-17 and have a variety of intensity levels. Our experienced staff act as guides; facilitating high adventure with an emphasis on leadership and teamwork. These camps are two weeks in duration and offer a unique opportunity for campers to engage the wilderness like never before. These camps are specialized adventure programs that fill up fast! You will want to register as early as possible to secure your spot.




For ages 14-17 Explore a rugged, isolated island, far from the sights and sounds of civilization. Discover over 200 square miles of unparalleled solitude and adventure for backpackers as they hike ridges, valleys, and rocky shorelines. This trip is becoming a tradition at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya, including a celebratory banquet upon return.
WEEKS 2-3: June 19-July 1
Tier A: $1,400 | Tier B: $1,300 | Tier C: $1,200





For ages 15-17 The quintessential trip of YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya. Nine days of paddling the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, deeply rooted and celebrated traditions, and lifelong bonds only begin to describe the experience this trip brings to campers. Family and friends are invited to honor them upon return at camp.
WEEKS 7-8: July 24-August 5
Tier A: $1,500 | Tier B: $1,400 | Tier C: $1,300





For ages 15-17 Campers will get to explore the famous Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, Grand Island on Lake Superior, Big Island Lake Wilderness, and cap it all off with a whitewater rafting trip down the Peshtigo River. Experienced campers will have a blast enjoying the constant adventure!
WEEKS 5-6: July 10-22
Tier A: $1,300 | Tier B: $1,200 | Tier C: $1,100




For ages 15-17 This is a custom-built adventure designed to gradually acclimatize Midwestern campers to high altitude environments then push them to new heights in Colorado’s backcountry. Adventurers on this trip will summit peaks in the Sangre de Cristo mountain range and celebrate their accomplishments with a white water trip in Buena Vista.

Note from Director Max. 

Howdy parents, I began dreaming of creating this trip for YMCA Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya back in 2018.  It’s my pleasure to finally present this trip opportunity to our community.

I grew up in Colorado and spent much of my youth climbing the peaks in the Sangre de Cristos in Southern Colorado.  It was a tremendously life changing experience and when I moved my family out to Wisconsin in 2016 to run camp Unie I knew I’d want to share some of my best experiences with this community.  Cumulatively, I have lived over a year of my life on trail in Colorado’s backcountry and used that experience to personally select the destinations and challenges for this trip.  I know it is appropriately challenging and safe for your youth. 

The trip starts with a road trip out to Colorado.  While I hate to burn up days driving, it’s unavoidable and well worth it.  The first day in Colorado will get your campers up to a basecamp around 7,500ft.  Every year I travel from Wisconsin to Colorado and Wyoming for mountain climbing and high country elk hunting and consider myself an expert at acclimatizing Midwesterners (myself now included) to high country activities.  While camping at 7,500ft the campers will enjoy some basic day hikes to get their bodies used to a little less oxygen density. After that they will head to a 3-day excursion into an absolutely gorgeous moraine between Venable and Comanche Peak.  The views are stunning and the fly fishing is beyond amazing.  This trip is broken into 3 portions.  First a 5 mile hike up to camp in the moraine. The next day campers will cross the saddle of the moraine and climb Comanche peak if conditions are good.  They will camp at Comanche lake and then return to Alvarado campground the following day. 

After that, the campers will travel to Salida and Buena Vista for a recovery day enjoying cool shops and hot springs.  If conditions are good, they will then put all their energies together for the final challenge, bagging a 14er.  I have selected Mt. Yale as their challenge.  A couple reasons there.  First, I have personally done it and know it is appropriate for kids.  Second, it’s an entry level non-technical 14er that is about 4 miles long (8 total), perfect for teens.  Third, because it is a day hike, not overnight, it allows the camp staff some room to select a day with good weather conditions.  Campers will celebrate their accomplishments with a white water rafting trip on the Arkansas river and head home. 

Folks, I promise this trip will change your camper’s life.  When you are standing in triumph on top of the world, you experience the smallness of yourself, the grandeur of God and his creation, and cannot help but reflect on the importance of the friends around you who helped you get there.  I happily welcome a phone call to talk more about the trip.

Your friend,

Max Clark

WEEKS 2-3: June 19-July 1
Tier A: $1,750 | Tier B: $1,650 | Tier C: $1,550