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Camp Dining

All meals at Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya feature special dietary options as needed. We accommodate any dietary needs. All dinners feature a fresh salad bar, and fresh coffee, tea, and hot cocoa are readily available. 

Summer and Outdoor Environmental Education:

At Camp U-Nah-Li-Ya campers are active, growing, and learning every day. Their minds, bodies, and spirits need healthy and delicious nutrition during such an exciting and often brand new experience. Food has a way of connecting kids to camp and helping to bridge the gap between camp and home. When campers sit down for a meal in our dining hall they are welcomed with a variety of options that are both nourishing, and delightful. We eat family style at U-Nah-Li-Ya, meaning that cabin groups sit together at round tables and pass and share large servings. The staff at each table teach campers to speak politely, to share conversation, and to refill servings as they run out. Campers play an active role in camp meals from setting up the dining hall for all of camp to sweeping the floor and wiping the tables when everyone is finished. This is just one of the ways throughout the U-Nah-Li-Ya Experience instill resilience and community in our campers. Meal times serve as time in our day to reflect, bond, and refuel. While they are intentionally designed to encourage campers to practice healthy eating habits, they also inspire a little fun. We like to keep meals fresh by weaving in some songs and chants that encourage campers to express themselves and to show them that it's ok to be exactly who you are... even if that means being a little silly. 

Family Programs:

During family program weekends be prepared for a unique and tailored menu each and every time. Families will have the opportunity to choose what they'd like and how much of it during our buffet style meals. Mingle, and get to know other families at our round tables and don't forget desert! During family weekends are large variety of options is provided to cater to a wide range of ages in attendance. 

A Message from our Food Services Manager:

In the kitchen we strive every day to produce, prepare, and serve the best food possible. We go to great lengths to prepare as much as we can by hand. We strive to encourage guests and campers to expand their healthy food choices and to carry that experience with them when they leave camp. We believe that our food elevates our programming, and our ultimate philosophy is that all guests should leave full and happy. 

We know it is scary to consider sending your camper away from home, especially if they have specific dietary needs. Try not to worry. We have many options to help your camper navigate the Dining Room without going hungry.

Dietary Requests For Campers

Please complete the camper health form (included in the online registration process) with information regarding any dietary requests and submit the form to camp 1 month in advance.

If you have specific questions about your camper's dietary requests, call camp directly. 

 PH 715 276 7116

Dietary Requests For Students

Please disclose any dietary restrictions to your the school leader 2 weeks in advance.

The school's leader will contact us with a list of dietary requests. In most cases, we are able to provide an alternative.

If you have specific questions about your camper's dietary requests, call camp directly.

PH 715 276 7116